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PEMF Magnetic Therapy

What is PEMF? – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

The Earth’s magnetic core generates Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. Over the past thousands of years that natural PEMF has been diminishing as our planet undergoes many changes. As humans we also put barriers between ourselves and the vital electromagnetic field that our bodies desperately need.

Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome, aka PEMF Deficiency Syndrome, is a real challenge for people living in metropolitan areas. We are constantly blocked from naturally occurring pulsed electromagnetic fields generated by Earth by living in insulated homes, walking on concrete, and by modern construction materials. Such deficiency is at the root of many chronic debilitating conditions.

As a result of such deficiency we experience poor healing, low energy, “idiopathic” pain, and poor circulation. We age faster. We recover from injuries much slower. We develop many chronic conditions for which there are no effective treatments because it’s really about energy deficiency … not a medical condition.

But now we know that this is a result of that Magnetic Deficiency.
How did PEMF Therapy become available?

PEMF Therapy devices have been first invented for Russian astronauts who needed it in space where PEMF is not existent. It’s been more than 60 years since the first launch of space shuttles where PEMF devices were first installed. Since then there have been published more than 2,000 studies about the amazing benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Unfortunately, this technology was never available in the U.S. … until now.

Dr. Neil Bressler is one of the first medical professionals in the U.S. to offer PEMF Therapy as a standard of care.

Such PEMF devices generate pulsed field energy that is able to create a cascade of positive effects on our bodies like:

    dramatically increasing circulation
    decreasing inflammation – PEMF has been extensively studies for arthritis and other rheumatologic diseases
    reducing pain (especially dramatic for people suffering from fibromyalgia, “idiopathic” disorders that cause pain, and injuries that are tough to recover from)
    improving muscle metabolism and healing– it’s a well-known fact that majority of NBA players already use PEMF devices in their homes after practice. Russian athletes have been using PEMF devices for over 60 years.
        PEMF’s can increase the levels of ATP in such cells by as much as 500% and Oxygen by 200%, purely by improving metabolism, delivery of nutrients, and transport of vital electrolytes into the cells
        PEMFs also are able to reverse cell-injury by improving the cell processes and availability of specialized proteins that enhance regeneration and healing
        Healing bones and tendons. By nature’s design, bones and tendons are tough to heal because of lower availability of blood vessels. As a result there is less delivery of nutrients and oxygen and removal of toxins from those cells. PEMF is able to deliver this much needed energy into these areas of our body.
    Reducing stress  and enhancing mood – proper circulation and delivery of nutrients gets rid of toxins that affect our daily lives and the PEMF energy restores balance in our bodies
    improving organ function – because PEMF restores balance in individual cells that have been damaged, collective healing restores balance in our organs, which in turn improves the function of our body.
    increases energy and restores balance to energy flow through our bodies naturally by stimulating both metabolism and vital circulation delivering proper nutrition AND OXYGEN to hard-to-reach cells.
    stimulates the immune system – with improved circulation white blood cells are able to reach places previously blocked and the PEM fields activate our stem cells into activity
    helps nerve function – proper circulation and decrease of edema and inflammation are very beneficial for our nervous system
    helps liver function –our liver is a depository of “junk” the improved circulation from PEMF allows for clearance of those toxins
    improves sleep – when the body is able to function properly, have proper nutrition, and rid itself of inflammatory processes our sleep and metabolic processes improve dramatically.

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